Water is Hauled in and budgeted by the owners and at the weight of eight (8) pounds per gallon, (one person one week = 14 gallons = 112 pounds, 3x 5Gal jugs = 120lb per person in water. Or 30 gallons at 240 pounds for just two, with minimal showers. This plus food and gear and people in a small car or truck. So you see, it does not allow for the bringing of excess amounts. So do bring your 2 gallons per day plus any special needs you may have, and your 5 gals for the Camp kitchen.
Don't expect to Mooch Water in a Desert, Bring what you need.
Try using two gallon jugs for all your daily water at home, practice using your personal solar bag shower and taking a one(1) gallon shower. You’ll drink the other gallon over the day, and shower every few days). If you are going to use the Camps solar shower, you need to replace the water in the tank before your shower. So bringing two gallons per day that you'll be there is a good number.
Although the Contraptionists was founded by a small group of anarchistic minded campers, the camp members have decided funds are needed for camp items. Although Kings and Taxes brought about Guillotines, and although as an appointed King, I would rather not go that far, we do need to upkeep the camp and pay for the Ice and syrup for SnowCones.  So If you feel like you need to help with this, it is appreciated and you can ask for the current treasurer for ways to pay. Further, if you need a number for the (voluntary non deductible donation type fungible transfer) Kingdom of Contraptionists (not really a) Tax, think of a nice round number like $25 U.S. Dollars Plus or Minus a hundred, or Whatever your anarchistic serf type mind desires is fine.
The Playa shows you what a wasteful person you are even if you think you're good. We recycle and have a compost collection bin, but don't think this is a waste dump facility. You must save space in your vehicle, preferably in trunk or sheltered spot where you will fit a large 30+ gal stuffed trash bag of something from the kitchens collection bins. This is a requirement of all campmates to take a bag (or two) with you.
With the Contraptionists being a service camp we do generate trash from ourselves and from guests, which must be removed. If you think you'll let the persons who brought all the big stuff out there deal with it, you're exaggerating our abilities, we have plenty to deal with already and will probably be taking two bags or more because we leave last and people forget to leave space or take a bag and we may leave nothing, not a blade of grass, nor a Hair of a Hare when we leave.
'Nothing', is a drastic concept that we must explain.
Most People have no concept how messy a Human being is.
·       They shed.
·       They peel things.
·       They unwrap things.
·       They drop little things.
·       They spill things that must be removed.
If it is not Playa dust, it is MOOP.
MOOP is “Matter Out Of Place”.
If it is not Playa dust, it should not be there when we leave.
Even the paint that flakes off the plastic tarp and the flakes of tarp must be removed from the Playa before we leave. (Don't try painting on a plastic tent or tarp, the Playa and wind will remove it).
Humans are very messy.
they leave threads and furballs and...
let me Digress on Glow sticks and their Fucking little clear connectors.
Don't. Just Don't.
LED Blinkies, ElWire, Headlights in colors, (for your head, not the car), Yes, But Please, 
Don't do the glow sticks. I have spent hours picking up carpet fibers, hairballs, Dyed green grass from a shedding grass skirt and little clear tubes hiding in the dunes they make of the blowing dust.
Anything left on the ground starts a drift or dune that grows.
The wind blows things around easily on a flat plane and what it can't move fast enough becomes an anchor for a dune, and must be raked out and the starter of the dune found and retrieved before we leave. It could be hair from a hairbrush, or a clump of fibers off a cut carpet edge. (Note: Always wrap carpet edges with tape if they are not hemmed and sweep and vacuum loose fibers and debris before bringing a rug or carpet. the Playa is no place to find out what trash was rolled into a found carpet)
Things that will shed are bad.
·       If you shake it and stuff lands on the floor, leave it at home.
·       I don't care how Cool it is, leave it.
·       Feathers, sequins, Boas, fluff, glitter, silly string, shedding fur, organic or fake leaves, grass skirts, Glass, Round things, loose labels, anything that could shed or can become caught by the wind becomes MOOP, is not good out there in dust and wind. Leave it.
·       If it might dry out and shed, or is delicate in the wind or dust, leave it
·       Hem or glue all cloth edges so they can't unravel. The wind will un-weave and scatter the threads it if you don't, and they must be removed before we are.
If you really wouldn't like to throw it away or maybe have it repaired when you get home....
Leave it Home.
The Playa eats things.
It dissolves solder joints in electronics and the abrasive qualities will grind away whatever it touches. it will turn all your polished plastic surfaces to a mat finish by chemical etching alone (remember “alkaline”), but the abrasion helps destroy it all too.
Keep your Camera in two baggies so the inside one is cleaner when you open it, and leave your camera in the bags when it is not turned on or anytime it could be dusty, which is anytime on the Playa or get a full watertight cover for your camera, with an outer bag for it and it's lens. ( mine made it through 5 years of Burning man with only partial destruction of the on off and mode selector switch, then the Irish mist met Playa salt and it dies in two days.)
(or don't bring your good camera, get a “cheap edible camera to destroy, because you do have a %10 chance it won't make it through the week)

 You need a Bike at Burning man.
A cheap working simple cruiser type bike with a speed or two if that will be good enough.
Don't bring your 28 speed super light multimillion racer bike. It will Die.
The main thing with a bike is the lights and decor. Make it your own flashy blinky ride.
And use a simple lock. 
NOTE: if it's green paint it another color or put your clearly seen mark and our camp name on it or it may be borrowed by someone or recovered by city bike hunters as a city bike, even if locked. They don't like people claiming or locking the city borrow bikes and may cut locks off green bikes.
Oil it a week or two ahead so there is less wet oil to mix with the Playa dust to make the grinding compound for carving on those shiny sprockets and chain links) If you Oil your bike on Playa do it over a tarp to prevent oil dripping on the Playa.
·       Bring a Baggie for protecting your trailer electrical connectors and ball hitch.
·       Get large Baggies for each set of clothes so they aren't covered in dust before you wear them. Plastic tubs and Baggies are your friends.
·       Put a full set of dark clothes in a baggy for the trip home, it's nice after wearing white and light all week, and the black on the Playa turns gray real fast if not in a sealed baggie for the trip home after the hotel shower.. then put it in a second bag or rinse it before opening to remove the dust for fingerprints on your clean darks. 
·       Get a bin to keep things for next year without getting the dust on everything else.
Whatever you bring, you should not be attached to it, because it will never be the same. It will be Playafied.
When you come home you will wonder why you didn't notice them all before.
The white Bikes with old paint showing under the white dusty coating and rust, and the dusty old truck in off Playa white around the edges.
They say you can get it off, try some Vinegar in the water, but it's too late, it's been done. It's been...

Your Humble King and Servant