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The Contraptionists Camp is a Theme Camp. Our Themes are varied but we are Service and Gift orientated. We don’t mean gifts as in a little token that can be lost as MOOP, but as a gift of service or support to those Burners around us in Black rock City. The more services and attractions we have to offer the BORG the more space that can be justified for us, and you, and the better placement we can get.  We are in a time when space is being limited but membership is growing.

Your Profile AKA The CORG Form

No I did not start over, this is the same form as in years past, but with a few edits and other things you don’t see changed a bit for a new year. Please fill out as much of your profile as you can now. This form is rather long, almost as long as the one for the Burning Man Organization that this form helps us fill out. Did I mention it is long? But please start it and come back if you need to so we can get the space we need for you. Your profile gives us the information to use to request our space from the Burning Man Organization. They give us our space based on the information we send them. Please fill in everything you can. Be clear and full on your descriptions. Please only answer the question asked where asked! You will be able to return and update your profile as things change. Be wishful now with your goals, giving back space is acceptable.  Thank you for your patience,  this really does help planning the camp BORG submission. A lot.


The Contraptionists are provided a limited number of tickets in the directed sale for theme camps. If The King invites you to the directed sale, please purchase two tickets and a car pass even if you don’t need them so they are available to other members. Please update your ticket status in your profile as it changes. If you can’t attend and need to sell one or both tickets please also call or email RouseMouse with your information. This helps staff the camp when we can direct the tickets to good hard working members.  We will direct these extra tickets based on the ticket is needed question on your profile.


We are competing for space with way over a thousand other camps and must justify camping space in a theme camp. Please keep in mind that we are not a campground with convenient parking near the attractions, but a service camp for the city, and we actually do work hard in this camp to make other people’s stay in Black Rock City something they will always remember. This is why it can seem we have more space for them than us. But we have the whole camp all week and they just wander through our spaces a few hours a day. So, you don’t need your own sitting spaces, we already have them. A small shade that you can share with others  for the morning sleep is good, let us know if you have shade to share, but we have the living room out front for you. 

For the purposes of the CORG, your housing is the private living space you will be bringing and possible sharing with others. It is your personal shelter, tent, yurt, dome, or other ground built structures that you need space for on the camp map. If you will be sharing your private living space with others (family, friends, guests), please select a main home owner to complete the housing section of the CORG. All other residents of the private living space need only indicate the name of their home owner. Once the camp map is complete, make sure you validate that your home owner is on the map and confirm with them that the space allocated will fit all residents of the home. If you are not on the map, you are not in the camp. You will not be squeezed in at the last minute.

For home owners, please provide detailed information in the housing section of the CORG. Keep in mind the  standard map icons. Tents are provided a 10×10 space with a 10×15 space for your vehicle. If you will have a shelter built in to or over your tent/vehicle, be sure to include the full size with shade structure and guy lines.  A standard parking space width for car, RV or bus is 10 feet. Is your vehicle wider? If your housing needs are complex or you have special needs, send a diagram to the map maker (Rouse Mouse). The map maker will try to work the puzzle, but occasionally a piece gets misplaced or forced with the scissors and mallet a bit. If you have a large vehicle, like a travel trailer, Bus or RV, you should be prepared to create an art wall on it’s public facing side.  Once the map is complete make sure you verify you have enough space for you and all of your guests.


A car or truck and trailer needs a parking space in camp. The map maker will try to arrange your spaces with arrival and departure as well as all the other trivia, but vehicle and tent will probably be separated by a short distance. If your housing is your vehicle (bus, RV, etc.) you should not include it in the vehicles section. If you are not driving a vehicle yourself but camping with the driver, please enter the name of your driver and skip the remainder of the vehicle section of the CORG. If you will be arriving another way (plane, parachute, Burner Express) enter NA in the driver field and skip the remainder of the vehicle section. If you are driving yourself in a vehicle you are not living in, then complete the vehicle section of the CORG with “Self” listed as the driver.

Remember that no one will be driving from Monday to Monday without an approved reason and a BORG pass. Your vehicle will only be placed in an accessible area if you have a BORG pass or a licensed DMV vehicle. 


You will have an art piece for the camp. This is a statement, not a question. From a found tapestry for the BT walls to something more spectacular for the street side, or such a thing as you do. You will bring it and hang it or if you do something else as your participation, do it. If you need help, or direction, just ask. We all love to help.

The art section of the CORG should be completed if you will have a larger art piece you wish specially placed in camp or on Playa. On Playa art is placed by The Artery and you must register separately with them. However, providing information on the CORG allows us to tie our camp to your art to show a contribution to the community by the camp members by supporting you in your efforts out there. You may also register in camp art with the Artery to have it listed in the Artery’s art guides and give the camp brownie points. The more art and services we provide the more space we can ask for. For in camp art placement, we will try to accommodate your placement wishes but there are no guarantees. If your art piece involves fire, it must be registered and tagged by the Fire Safety Team. Keep in mind that, if your art requires fuel, the Borg requires a fuel depot space in camp for over 20 total camp gallons of stored fuel.


If you will you be providing a Service or Event at Black Rock City (other than snowcones) either in camp or in city, please complete the Services section of the CORG. The more art and services we provide the more space we can ask for. Please give a good description of your service so that we can include it on the Borg form.  If you will be serving food to the public (not camp meals), you will need to include what, where and when you are serving so you can added to our health permit. Food must be packaged in a certified commercial kitchen or prepared on site. Food service and preparation must be in a health inspected service area.  If your event will be scheduled, please remember to update the camp schedule when it is available.


We do have power systems in camp controlled by the owners of the system. You may request electricity for your service or art in the CORG. You request will be passed on to the system owners who may contact you for more details. A request for information does not imply a source will be provided.

Please also update the CORG with any power systems you will be bringing and indicate if your power source can be used by others.

If you have a generator for your RV or Trailer that must be used, we must consider the poisoning of other camp mates in such a confined area. We must position you, then triple check on playa, so we can prevent Exhaust from an auto start generator from killing your neighbor.


Every Job needs doing. We will have a sign-up sheet closer to the event using the info in the CORG to gauge interests and needs. We will try to arrange things to your liking, but there are only so many spots for king’s food taster. Many jobs get done by crew leaders managing crew members. Whether running your own project or taking part and helping in the current areas that need to be dealt with to make our camp flow, it is very helpful when point and click construction occurs in camp. This happens when people get together, many hands, under a guide who can teach on the run. Whether as extra hands or being the lead of a group to take on the different tasks, from major structures to safety and yard lighting, to daily MOOP and recycle control and command, you can help it be easy. There are people in camp doing multiple tasks, both during the week and throughout the year that would appreciate you stepping up to lessen their task list.

Camp Dues

Remember to pay your camp dues!

Document Library

We have many helpful documents in our Document Library. Feel free to add new items the camp might find useful.