letter from Josiphine Our camp placer
datedjuly 30 05

On Sat, 2005-07-30 at 18:31, Rachel Ruster wrote: > Welcome to the Center Camp Quadrant.

> > I'm Josephine and I'll your theme camp placement person this year. > Some of you may remember me from last year.
> My role is to place your camp as you arrive on the playa and be your > contact during the event.
> This email contains important information regarding the placement of > your camp on the playa.

> > WHEN YOU ARRIVE AT BRC: > The first group of people from your theme camp to arrive at Black > Rock City should contact me when they arrive > at the greeter station on the playa. The following will provide you > the details.
> * Announce your camp to the Greeters (they are the people who are > going to meet right after the gate).
> * Let them know that you are a registered theme camp, give them the > name of your camp/village and the name of your >
theme camp placement contact (that is me: Josephine).
> * They will contact me on the radio, and I will let you know where to > meet me, so I can show you your spot.

> > That's about it......

(RM;- only the first of our group need do this, I assume it will proably be Daniel and/or Will, ariving Friday to lay out the camp and get a shade tent up for when you arrive on saturday Let me know who else is interested in earlier arrival if you feel you need to be there before Saturday)

> > This said...... It's Burning Man and what looks perfect on paper > (email), is bit more complex on the playa. > So, it may happen that I take some time to get to our meeting point. > Be patient, I will be arriving as soon as possible. :-) I'm probably > placing another camp. >
Please don't find a likely place by that intersection and start > unloading your truck. >
Pull over... Get out of your car.... Relax,.... Stretch..... > After all, you made it to the playa. Good reason to celebrate while > waiting. >


> Placement hours are in theory 8 am-10 pm, although in general we are > available later than that.
> If you arrive "after hours", (basically when I'm asleep), nobody will > be able to place you.
> Still provide your theme camp information to the greeters, so they > can contact me in the morning.
> Then find a temporary spot for the night, relax, enjoy your first > night in Black Rock City.
> Please, do not start unpacking your truck or build anything. There > nothing more frustrating (for me and you) than getting to BM in the > middle of the night and working all night to set up your camp, only > to realize you're in the wrong place in the morning. > In the morning, go to Playa Info (in Center Camp) and ask them to > contact me.
> I will then be able to meet you and place you.


> DURING THE EVENT: > I'll be available during the event to answer your questions and > assist you the best as I can. > To contact me, just grab me as you see me going by your camp or go > to the Playa Info and ask them to contact me on the radio. >

> A few Reminders: > Camps placed inside Center Camp must arrive by sunday 28th. That's > the camp with the address "center camp and xxx > Camps placed on the esplanade must arrive by Monday 29th, 6PM > Other Camps including does on "Feedback Loop" must arrive by Tuesday > 30 th, 10PM. Feedback Loop is the outer street around center camp. >

> We can only allow limited amount of people before the event opens. > So unless your name is on our early-arrival list, you will not be > allowed into the event before 12:01 am Saturday, August 28th.

> (talk to Rouse about the list )

> * The location of your theme camp is publish at the URL:

> > * The map of Black Rock City 2005 is publish at the URL: >
> Note : "Feedback Loop" is not indicated on the map. Oops!!!!
> It's the outer street around center camp.

> > I encourage you to make sure you have read the themecamp > announcements that were sent to you. There's some good readin' in there.

> > My Contact info:

( please go through me Rousemouse - Daniel at Contraptionists , unless desprate )
> >From now until August 11th (Noon) : josephine (at) burningman (dot) com > So, if you have any question, feel free to send me an email as soon > as possible.

> > Looking forward to work with you all.
> See you really soon on the Playa!
> Yep!!!! Just a few more weeks and we will all wake up on the playa.

> > Rachel a.k.a Josephine
> BM Theme Camp Placement Team