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On Fri, 2005-07-29 at 15:48, Harley K. Dubois wrote:
> Welcome to Center Camp!
> > Some of you may be surprised to see that you have made it into the > "inner circle" for 2003. Well, you have. Enjoy it! You have been > selected for a few reasons. We look for visually fabulous camps, > and/or those that command a high level of participation and > inter-activity. Theme related ideas are also a plus. We also look for > a balance of ideas that embody what Burning Man is about. The theme > is represented in Center Camp and so are camps that collectively give > an overview of what Burning Man has to offer. Many of the camps on > this list are part of our infrastructure and are providing vital > services to our community. Thank you. >
> There are a few things that all of you share. One is your beautiful > and fabulous placer, Josephine. She is your resource. She is a > veteran at her job and will be available to help you pre-playa and on > the playa. I will be turning this list over to her after this email. >
> Another is the goal of looking wonderful. Your camp will be > different from all others out there, but there are a few things we > recommend to ALL of you when creating you space. Put all of your cool > stuff right up on the absolute front border /borders of your camp. > Define your sides and place your living space to the interior of the > Center Camp area. This will help to prevent crowds from over running > your personal space and maximize the space allotted to you. >
> Being on such prime real estate offers many extra benefits as well as > some extra expectations. Being this visible puts the expectation on > you to be a model Black Rock Citizen. Please treat newcomers with a > warm and generous embrace. Teach them what Burning Man is really all > about, the community. Also, please do your best jobs cleaning up. > Last year we had the dirtiest exit ever. The cleanup crew found more > M.O.O.P. than any past year. Lets try and Leave No Trace as > effectively as the years previous. >
> The next announcement on this list will be from Josephine. She is a > gem so give her your love!
> > I'll see you out their neighbor, >
> Harley >
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