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> Theme Camps Fellows, >
> As we hoped, we are getting your placement out to you early. Thanks > to everyone that answered our questions and made themselves available > to our team. We appreciate all of your cooperation. Please read the > information below before going to the URL. It will save you some > stress and us some email correspondence. >
> 1. Welcome to the experiment! This is a brand new year with an > amazing new placement plan. It has been very exciting to have the > opportunity to utilize all of the new space available in Black Rock > City 2005. By studying the placement you will see that we have given > new dimensions of exploration to our participants. To do so we have > broken some of the unspoken conventions in placement; in order to > shift realities things have moved. Old timers remember - change is > good! >
> 2. The map is final. It has gone to press. The new placement design > has created new opportunities that you may not have thought of yet. > We try very hard to please everyone and we read your questionnaires > carefully. If you are surprised by your placement please take time to > consider the new possibilities before you freak out. The esplanade > is going to have a run for its money this year! If you requested > esplanade and did not get it it may be because the value of what you > do would be better suited for these new spaces. >
> 3. If you do freak out when you find out where you are located, take > a deep breath, study the blurbs on the web site of the other camps > near you and contact some of them. There is often a method to our > madness. >
> 4. At Burning Man no one owns real estate. We create our city anew > every year to keep it fresh and vital. You will find that > like-minded camps and themes are placed together to create districts > and neighborhoods. >
> 5. When looking at your space assignment the first street indicated > is your frontage. The second is the one you are nearest to or on the > corner of. Look at the dimensions (e.g. 50' x 100') to envision your > shape and size. The first number is the frontage of your camp. The > second number is the depth. These sizes are approximate! They are > not exact. Do not expect to come in with a measuring tape and find > the exact space. It may be a bit more or a bit less. >
> 6. If you are placed in the inside of center camp or in a plaza there > will be an additional time (e.g. 9:45) associated with your location. > This time indicates your frontage on the circular space with 12:00 > pointing to the Man. >
> 7. If you see a (+) or a (-) your camp is an irregular shape with > additional space added to it or subtracted from it. Why? Because we > are mapping a circular city with a square grid and you guys have a > lot of odd-ball requests! >
> 8. Some of you did not get the size space you requested. Some > requests were for the maximum allotment or for something way over > what seemed to be needed by what you described in your questionnaire. > This left us with the task of deciding a realistic space for you. We > only have the information you have provided us to work with. If your > map did not have dimensions we were left to guess. We carefully > reviewed how many people were listed in each camp and how much > additional "stuff" your questionnaire indicated you were bringing to > allocate your space. >
> 9. Your address is NOT exact. It only gives you an approximate idea > of where you will be living. I know many of you hate this, but we > have to do this for two main reasons: >
> a.) We need you to allow us to place you. It is not as easy as it > seems to find your placement and understand the flagging system. We > hate to move you after you have already begun to set up. >
> b.) Placement will continue to change as people arrive and we need to > have some flexibility with your exact spot. When an unexpected > problem arises, like you have more people than you expected, we can > sometimes accommodate you without inconveniencing anyone else. We > gently shuffle this and that and that and this and can sometimes work > miracles without changing other addresses. >
> 10. You will find a name listed with your street address and size. > This is the name of your placer. They will be available to assist you > pre-event and on the playa. Expect an email from them shortly. They > can answer questions, let you know if you are on a corner, etc., but > ask your questions of them SOON because we will be packing it up to > leave shortly! If you have no name associated with your camp please > contact us immediately at >
> Keep reading your theme camp announcements. The next few will be the > most important this year letting you know who has early arrivals, the > process for arriving in Black Rock City and key information about > being a placed camp. >
> Thanks everyone! It is going to be a great year, I promise! >
> Harley >
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> Here you go! >
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