On Tue, 2005-07-26 at 11:59, Harley K. Dubois wrote: > Dear Campers, > > Things are going along very well. I believe we > will get your placement out you early this year, > with any luck it will be this week, so stand by! > > There are some old time camps that missed our > deadline for a bunch of reasons and will not be > listed on our map when you enter the city. We > encourage you to go to Playa Info in center camp > to look for them. They will be listed on the > Dynamic Board or in the Directory. > > ____________________________________________________ > > Web Site Blurbs > > Some of you have complained that your theme camp > blurb was not up on the web site. Please be > patient with our completely volunteer web crew. > They should all be up now, after working on the > weekend for you. There was a back log from last > minute submissions. > > When you are looking, please remember that if you > used "The" to begin your camp name it may well be > under "T", The same goes for the word "Camp". > > > ____________________________________________________ > > Live Plants > > Live plants die on the playa. Ask anyone that has > brought them. They always make a mess. In our > history no one has ever brought in plants, trees > or palm fronds without creating a M.O.O.P. (Mater > Out of Place) disaster. Every sight that has > used them in any quantity has cost the clean up > crew days and days of work post event. > > There have been a couple of camps that have > successfully brought out sod, but they have been > few and far between. Thought we do not recommend > the use, there are some tried and true technics > to containing it that we are happy to discuss > with a phone call. > > The Gate, Earth Guardians and DPW clean up crew > are highly sensitized to the issue and keep a > close eye out for anything that enters our city. > They will stop you at the gate or come and find > you. They have been know to incinerate projects > before they were even begun. > > With respect to every ones reaction to more rules > we have not pressed the issue hard to the general > public. We have included language in the > Survival Guide and have chosen to take the softer > approach of talking to individuals and likely > groups, such as this one. We have had some bad > exceptions, due to extenuating circumstance, in > the past few years and are determined to end this > cycle. > > Please support us in this effort. Help us keep > the clean up crew sane! Plastic plants work just > as well and look better with a quick watering. > > Please leave your live plants behind, > > > _____________________________________________________ > > > This is the final final official word on fire and your campŠŠŠ. > > Fire and open flame within theme camps. > > Everyone enjoys a camp fire to gather around or > the light of a tiki torch to guide them back to > camp at night but fire and open flame present a > unique set of challenges on the playa. Wind is an > ever-present aspect of the Black Rock desert and > must be taken into consideration. Winds can blow > sparks and embers out of fire barrels and blow > them across the open playa great distances until > they settle against something (tents, shade > structures, camping gear, art works, etc). Wind > is also a factor with tiki torches and taller > flame effects. Precautions should be taken to > prevent the wind from knocking them over and a > sufficient perimeter around them kept clear from > flammables. To help you prepare for and use open > flame or flame effects in you camp we have > created these guidelines to help keep you camp > safe and to protect the safety of participants > please read them thoroughly. > > Please note that Burn Barrels are considered a > public work and shall be available for all to > enjoy. > > > Guidelines for open flame, burn barrels, Tiki torches etc within theme camps > > 1. No fire barrels or open flames shall be left > unattended. At least one camp member will be > designated fire tender and be within visual > distance at all times. If found unattended while > lit, open flames or burn barrels may be > extinguished and/or confiscated if there is > sufficient hazard. > > 2. If winds pick up, all open flames must be put > out immediately and burn barrels must be > extinguished if they begin to throw sparks. > > 3. Open flame above 10 feet tall shall be secured > from the wind and safety perimeter increased > appropriately to the hazard. > > 4. Open flames or burn barrels must be > extinguished at the request of any Ranger or > Emergency Services personnel. > > 5. A 20' area around the fire must be free of any > flammable materials such as cloth, paper, tents, > plastic, etc. > > 6. All liquid fuels must be kept at least 50' > away. Please check out the guidelines for the > storage of fuels at Burning man. > > 7. A supply of at lest 5 gallons of water and a > fire extinguisher must be kept on hand to > extinguish the fire in case due to high winds > (wind can blow embers and sparks a long distance > on the playa!) or other hazardous conditions. > > 8. Burn barrels shall be anchored to the playa > and constructed in a way that the burning surface > is at least 6" from the playa to prevent baking > or scaring of the playa surface.