letter from Brian
dated june 8

Hi All!

Please excuse our reticence as Nancy and I have been away to Ireland and England, the Strawberry Music Festival, and numerous obligatory weddings the past two months. . . . . but, YES, it is time think of DUST again!

Sadly, Nancy will not be with us this year as her JOB has banned all vacations and time off in July, August and September due to the implementation of some bogus computer system.
We have been burning up all of her vacation the past two months but I have deftly saved some of mine for our Black Rock spiritual pilgrimage. Wanda, Rick and Becky are still on board but I will be saving a ticket for Nancy just in case she gets fired half way through the summer.

The map plan looks good, but I was wondering if I should leave something behind this year? I was thinking of leaving the Hijo De La Playa Cafe, cum Nebula Lounge at home and only bringing the PVC Dome, Trailer and truck. Although, we could turn the Nebula Lounge into the Psyche-Delicatessen? Y'know, a place where you could check your personality at the door and order up a whole new persona? A place to obtain Behavioral Smoothies that make you drool hours before they are served? Counseling and therapy served up by Karl whose office hours would be limited only by the number of brains he could shrink-wrap per hour?

Wanda's and my genny are open to all wishing to plug in, but I agree that perhaps they should be banned to a corner of the camp that is well insulated/isolated from both us and our neighbors. When they finally break down and need rebuilding, that may be the time to re-structure our whole power needs to a 12-volt system, (I am working on a Makita-powered blender for the smoothies, but how do I run the freezer?)
Enough for now, as Nancy and I must pack for a trip to Anchorage. We leave this week-end and I will do some brain-storming with Rick under the midnight sun. Contraptionists Brian and Nancy, Rick, Becky and Wanda. (Jenny too!)