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Dear Fellow Contraptionists:
I am pleased to announce that the Las Vegas Regional event "Dark Skies " was a resounding success! Only one serious injury--some knucklehead on an electric scooter/rocket sled wiped out and cracked his ribs a half-hour after Gates opened... (Gee, I have rocket sled/scooter and my ribs do ache, could it have been ME? Naw, some other chucklehead named "Pol," small world!) There was a Big Burning (throne) Icon and all 400 participants came to watch it burn !

I have invited Ben the Artistic Genius behind many great examples of burnable playa art, (the recent "Throne" being the least of his many great accomplishments) to join us. In fact I have met several potential Contraptionists through Dark Skies, and think we could be seeing a renaissance of form and function infused with a greater sense of "Art" this year. Another potential recruit builds robots and is a Master Craftsman of (SCA) armor. He has a remote controlled stripper pole and playa shark, but has never been to BMan, go figure! So there are Contraptionists out there who need to find a home, and I for one hope to draw them into our little enclave!

I trust all is well and I hope to "see ya on the Playa!" --IF, of course, I can find a ticket for less than $300... Support your Regional Burns!