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On Sat, 2005-02-05 at 17:59, HAL LEWIS, MILLICENT LEWIS wrote:

> Hi guys!

> > Keep us on the list, for sure!

> So far: weıre bringing the bus...bringing the wind dancers...bringing the > art fridge...bringing an extra couch (in addition to the one we park outside > the bus)...will cook a meal (please start a sign-up list!).

> We want the busıs external lounge to be private (for the camp)...not > necessarily on the main street. > Iım working on my ³psyche² themed art. (It will not need space in the camp.) > ;-)

> One thing Iım hoping to do is paint the bus white and hang black lights all > along it so it glows purple at night. So far, I donıt know what kind of > wattage will be necessary to make the kind of statement Iım hoping for, and > I donıt know if Iıll be able to afford the paint, etc. Also, I donıt know > which Iıd choose: powering ³tunes² or powering a black-lit bus.... > I need to figure out how to bring more riders, too, to help with the expense > of bringing the bus...We may end up having to swing by the Reno airport to > pick up riders and charge a small fee...this may be a good thing to do > anyway!

> Keep us posted!

> -Millicent >