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From: Harley K. Dubois


Subject: [themecamps-announce] TC ANNC - Final Announcement/ PRINT THIS OUT

Date: 16 Aug 2005 10:19:16 -0700

Hi Campers,

This is the announcement that tells you all how to get to your home on the playa. Please send it to everyone in your camp and I recommend you print it out and take it with you.

THE FIRST PEOPLE IN CAMP MUST KNOW HOW THE PROCESS WORKS. Everyone else in camp SHOULD know how this process works, however, once your camp is officially placed you will be sent on through to find it on your own.


1. When driving on highway 447, obey all traffic signs and speed limits. Local law enforcement are waiting to snag people driving through Wadsworth, Nixon and Gerlach at 30 mph instead of 25 mph. Do not try to avoid hitting the jack rabbits and mice that run across the road in front of your car. There have been fatal accidents as a result. Also, there are cows and steer on the road at times. In the dark you will come up on them very quickly. More than one car has been totalled and you will be expected to pay the rancher that owns the cow $500.00. If you are coming from the East, do not take Jungo Road out of Winnemucca unless you have at least two spare tires and a day or two to kill. Many cars get stuck every year.

2. READ YOUR SURVIVAL GUIDE! All of this and much more important information is listed there.

3. Be respectful in Gerlach. Wear regular clothing (don't go shirtless or shoeless guys and gals). It is a small conservative town that we swarm into. We need to treat the residents with the utmost respect as we pass through. Do not try to get water in Gerlach unless it is from the Empire Store.

4. Have your tickets ready at the Gate. Tune into the Burning Man Information Radio (94.5) to get the low down as you enter the city.

5. Your "theme camp check in" is at the Greeters Station. Look for a line dedicated to theme camps. Tell your greeter that you are a "REGISTERED THEME CAMP". Give them your camp name as it appears on the web site and tell them your placement person's radio name:

Alpha, 2:00 to Esplanade 3:30 - "Sacred Flame"

Berlin, in and around the 3:00 Plaza - "Shadow"

Beta, the new 4:30 strip - "Satan Cakes"

Wing, Esplanade to Amnesia from 3:30 to 8:30 - "Gomonk"

Center Camp, North 5:30 to South 6:30 and around Center Camp- "Josephine"

Gamma, the new 7:30 strip - "Scout"

Tokyo, in and around the 9:00 Plaza - "Doubleshot"

Delta, 10:00 to Esplanade 8:30 - "Abdullah"

6. You will be escorted to your spot by this person if it is between the hours of 8:00 AM and Sunset. If it is later ask your greeter if placement is still running. We may be able to get you settled, but more likely than not you will need to camp in temporary camping over night and wait to be placed in the morning. Have fun that night visiting and walking around. We will get to you quickly in the morning. If you are the first person in for your camp do not pass through Greeters without identifying your camp.

7. DO NOT TRY TO PLACE YOURSELVES. The placement information given to you is approximate because we need you to use this system. There are too many problems with people setting up in someone else's spot. The problem is compounded in the dark. It is not fair to anyone to have to move big structures constructed overnight, so please work with us.

8. Bring a decorated pin to place in the Dynamic Board at Playa Info to indicate your placement. It is a wonderful resource for others looking for you, especially if your name has changed from last year. Also, take advantage of the Directory. It will become a living document after the event when it goes live on or web site. There is also the messaging center at Playa Info . In case there is a problem with your placement, decide with your camp-mates which alternative method of locating your camp you will use at Playa Info. This way, camp mates coming later in the week can go to Playa Info and locate you. It takes the load off of them if you have this arrangement worked out before you leave for Black Rock City.

9. Any camp arriving after the deadline for holding placement may find their space occupied by another camp. We hold your placement if you are later than your expected arrival date, but will begin to fill holes in Center Camp on Monday, the Esplanade on Tuesday and open all camping on Wednesday.

10. Use the What Where When as your information resource and playbill of events. Tune into BMIR (94.5) for additional news and events.


Print this out and join us! if you cannot reach any of us it is because we are already out there. We will work out any pressing details on the playa.

See you at the theme camp party at center camp and Esplanade (at the Promenade) on Tuesday at 6:00!


P.S. Don't forget your rain gear! Just a hunch!