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Hi All,

This is the last announce before we send you your "how to get placed" final post. I am watching everyone peal away from the computers, pens and papers and change into playa boots and work clothes and head out the door. I will be joining them shortly.

All early arrivals have been contacted. You should have all gotten notification from Jeb by now. Thanks for working with us this year. There has been a ground swell of requests.

A few final thoughts for you.........




Please join us when we get done placing you all on the playa for a drink. We are going to meet at the "key hole" in center camp (between Tuttie Fruitie camp and Japanorama, right where the promenade to the Man begins) at 6:00 on Tuesday evening for BYOB drinks. The whole placement crew will be there to celebrate the year. We would love to have ALL theme camps join us, so mix up your favorite beverage to share and come to center camp!

Your placer will remind you of this special invitation when you hit your playa home.



Are you bringing one out? Trampolines are fun, but when they are not monitored they can lead to accidents that could cause injury. Please monitor your trampolines whenever they are available for use. Please make them inaccessible when you are not able to monitor them.



Sometimes, with all your good planning, you may still need a little help. If the DPW can they will. All theme camps need to make any requests for support through their theme camp placer. Any requests made directly to DPW will be routed back to us. Ask your placers any questions about any particular needs.


SOUND The playa is a natural amplifier and it doesn't take much to produce a large amount of sound. Bass travels multi-directionally and cannot be absolutely contained with any structures. This gives sound as an art form an unfair advantage over other art forms. Burning Man is dedicated to radical self-expression, but it is also dedicated to creating community. We all must find a way to get along with our neighbors. As a community, we need to work together to keep sound at desirable levels. This means that everyone involved is personally responsible for how they affect everyone else's experience. If your neighbor believes your sound is too loud, you must work with them to find an acceptable volume. You will need to check in with those that you are camped near to find out what other events are planned and work with them to create a schedule. With these actions you should be able to handle all of your own sound issues. If everyone works together there will be no need for Black Rock Rangers to monitor sound.

Sound Policy The following four rules make up our basic sound policy:

1. Neighbors should talk to one another when sound becomes problem and try to resolve the issue through direct communication.

2. Large-scale sound installations MUST be located along streets 2:00 and 10:00. They may express themselves at unlimited volume unless the community complains.

3. A maximum power amplification of 300 watts is permitted behind this Large Scale Sound Art Zone in greater Black Rock City.

4. Any concerns about sound will become a concern of the Black Rock Rangers if a complaint is made within a few hours of the conflict. Concerns about excessive sound can result in:

a) Volume check and mediation between camps,

b) Volume check and a final warning on complaints,

c) Disabling of equipment.

(NOTE: Rangers will not take action on issues of taste.)


All large-scale sound art systems will be located along streets 2:00 and 10:00 (the two outermost edges of our city). Like all theme camps, these camps will be encouraged to be as creative and interactive as possible. The primary rule is that all speakers MUST be turned away from greater Black Rock City toward the open playa at all times.

Placing a large vehicle directly behind speakers does WONDERS to keep sound from moving back into Black Rock City proper. If you drive a large truck to the event it must be placed behind the sound system. Elevating the speakers off the ground is also highly recommended

***SPECIAL NOTE: This year the inner and out sections of 2:00 are full of sound but the middle is dedicated to art. There will be no LSSA in the middle of 2:00.

MUTANT VEHICLES All sound regulations apply to mutant vehicles driving through our city and on the open playa. Please watch your volumes as you!



Large structures need to be secured properly. All designs are strongly advised to include safety provisions. For more on this, please check out:

Remember, any structure that could hold many people should be monitored to make sure that weight loads are not exceeded. They should also be built with separate entrances and exits. Anything over 15 feet high and anything made of scaffolding should be carefully considered for safety. It is always helpful to get a structural engineer to look over your design before arriving on the playa.

Towers are great for climbing and will attracted great interest. You should be prepared to monitor your towers and make them inaccessible when you cannot.


Only one announcement left!