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On Wed, 2005-08-10 at 14:29, Harley K. Dubois wrote: > Dear Camps doing Body Work and Chiropractics,

> > Last year a California chiropractor was fined $500 for practicing > chiropractic medicine at Burning Man without a Nevada chiropractor's > license. The chiropractor sent an email to the organization to > notify us that this happened and asked us to warn others who might > find themselves in similar situations. He got a lawyer to take his > case and negotiate with the Nevada Chiropractic Board to reduce the > fine. He was told that purchasing a license would have cost $50.00.

> > This is the first incidence we know of where Nevada agencies were > enforcing regulations regarding professional licenses at Burning Man. > We do not believe that the Nevada Chiropractic Board was patrolling > Black Rock City because the citation was sent in the mail over 6 > months later. If they had been in our city they probably would have > wrote him a citation on the spot. More likely, someone probably saw > the sign "Chiropractor" in front of this person's theme camp, and > then later notified the Nevada Chiropractic Board. It may even have > been an isolated incident, but we have no way of knowing.


> There is more information available at: >

> > Thought you would want to know,

> > Harley