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On Wed, 2005-08-10 at 13:49, Harley K. Dubois wrote: > Dear Bars on the Playa, >

> Well, it is always something. Please take note. This year we have > been informed that local law enforcement would like to see us address > the issue of under age drinking. Though we, the organization, are > not offering alcohol to anyone and are not responsible for your bars, > there are possible consequences for you and us if we did not address > this issue. So, I am sending out this letter to make sure you are > fully informed.

> > We do not believe that there are any rampant problems with underage > drinking at our event that would merit investigation. Consequently, > we expect that law enforcement will act the same this year as they > have in the past. However, you should be aware of Nevada laws on > under age drinking. Here are some useful facts:

> > - It is a misdemeanor to serve alcoholic beverages to anyone under 21 > years old in Nevada. The law still applies if the alcohol is gifted > as opposed to sold. Theme camps are considered public space and > subject to enforcement of this law. (NRS 202.055)

> > In 2001 the Nevada State Supreme Court limited the application of NRS > 202.055 to only servers who had actual or constructive knowledge that > the person seeking the alcohol was under 21. This means that you > must card someone who looks underage. Conversely, if someone looks of > age you are not required to card him or her.

> > - It is a misdemeanor for a minor to consume or possess an alcoholic > beverage in a public space (e.g., theme camps, open playa, center > camp, etc. (NRS 202.020)

> > - It is a misdemeanor to a minor to pass him or herself off as being > of age. (NRS 202.040)

> > - Misdemeanors carry the following penalties: Up to 6 months in > county jail, and/or a fine up to $1,000. Alternatively, community > service may be sentenced in lieu of, or in conjunction with jail time > and fines. (NRS 176.087) > > - If a minor loiters in a place where alcoholic beverages are > consumed (besides a food establishment) then the minor could receive > a fine up to $500. (NRS 202.030) Also, if the person in charge of > the "tavern" allows the minor to loiter then he or she could be fined > up to $500 also. (NRS 202.060)

> > - Enforcement of the laws is either done by carding the person > outright, or through undercover sting operations.

> > None of this is new and not terribly different from most other state > laws. It could be worse in other states! No need for alarm. This > letter is merely for information.

> > Our recommendations -

> > 1. Use good common sense when serving alcohol. > 2. Understand your prerogative to serve someone and carefully > consider your options with people who look less than 21. > 3. Have an extra person from your camp present while serving alcohol > to act as a witnesses, just in case. > 4. Don't get minors drunk. That just isn't cool.

> > It is worth noting that federal and local law enforcement priorities > differ on this issue. If you find yourself in an unfortunate > encounter please get a badge number and note what agency you are > dealing with. It might come in handy.

> > Thanks for your time,

> > Harley > >