letter from Harly
dated aug 3 2005

On Thu, 2005-08-04 at 13:15, Harley K. Dubois wrote:

> Dear Campsters,

> Well, we are in the home stretch now. We can smell the playa. The > placers are getting ready to pull out, so get your questions in in > the next two weeks. Before you email them it is worth your while to > revisit the previous announcement to see if your questions have not > already been addressed. Most of what we are getting has been.

> Some of you are still bring your placement issues directly to me. > Please take your questions to the placers. They have all of the > latest information and the authority to address anything that is > asked. My job is done and they are in charge.

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FIRE IN A TENT CITY! > > So imagine this, it's 3:00 AM and you have just crawled into your > tent with your new friend. It is cold outside and you have pulled all > of the covers around you both as you drift off to sleep. Meanwhile, > outside in your theme camp, the fire in your burn barrel is still > burning away unattended. A windstorm suddenly consumes the city. As > you sleep the sleep of the unaware, sparks blow out of the burn > barrel in handfuls. The sparks tumble unhindered over the playa, > building up as they reach your tent. Moments later you wake to find > that your plastic tent is aflame and melting onto your flesh. Your > new friend runs from the tent burning and setting other flammable > materials in your camp ablaze before finally collapsing on the > Esplanade. Your whole camp is up like a torch in moments.

> Seem unlikely? Well so is partying all night in a white whale as it > cruises at slow speeds across a desert!

> Fire in theme camps is a very serious thing and while we are allowing > it this year we caution you to take care in the planning of any fire > in your camp. There must be someone who is responsible and present at > all times to monitor the fire and be prepared to completely > extinguish it if wind conditions kick up. At least 5 gallons of water > must be kept close for this purpose. A fire extinguisher must also be > present.

> Part of the fun of Burning Man is gathering around a fire at night > meeting folks, sharing a story and enjoying the warmth. BUT we do not > need a fire in every camp. If you can do without it save yourself the > trouble and responsibility and gather around someone else's fire. > The ability of the Black Rock City emergency services to provide > fire suppression would be stretched to the breaking point if multiple > fires brook out in a severe windstorm in our tent city.

> There are no fires allowed on the ground. An open flame (meaning not > completely covered) is only allowed if it is in a raised, secured > burn container. Please remember that any fires found unattended, > without water and fire extinguishers or burning in a unsafe manner > will be extinguished and confiscated as well as affect your camp's > status in the future.

> Dave X
> Fire Safety Manager
> Burning Man

> _________________________________________________

> > WOOD

> Wood needs to be brought in for any fires in camps. There has been > some wood provided to some camps in the past. Unfortunately, those > days are gone. Please bring any wood that you will need to burn in > your SAFE, SECURED, and MONITORED fires. We recommend you bring a > tarp to put the wood on so you don't send all day Monday on your > hands and knees picking up chips.

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> This year we have news and documentary crews coming from all over the > world - from domestic newspapers of every ilk to documentary crews > from Russia, Switzerland, Spain, Japan, Portugal, the Netherlands, > and many more!

> If your camp has an interesting story to tell, and would not mind > speaking with news crews, we would be happy to point them your way. > Just send a note to, and let us know > your name and location, and any special story you have to tell in > your camp. If you happen to have members who speak a second language, > it's great to have a place to send international crews for a native > tongue interview, so be sure to let us know!

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> It's that time of the year, and BMIR 94.5 FM wants to publicize your > psyche-shattering event or theme camp on-air to the entire Black Rock > City community. But we don't want to announce it only once; we'd like > get it out over the radio waves repeatedly throughout the entire > week. So crank up that home studio, record those MP3 spots, and send > them to

> Be sure they arrive via email no later than Monday, August 22 to > guarantee they get on the air. Or, if necessary, drop by the station > during the week to hand deliver your hunka hunka burned CD into the > receptive and waiting hands of your friendly BMIR DJ. (We'll also be > open from noon to 5pm each day of the event if you'd like to come by > and record your announcement on site...) >

> BMIR: It's not just a radio station. It's a radio station programmed > by you, a bunch of radical, celebratory self-expressionists living in > the middle of one of North America's harshest environments for seven > days, creating the single greatest people-produced miracle ever to

> grace the face of planet Earth.

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> > The Black Rock City temp agency, located at feedback loop and amnesia > at center camp, will interview potential volunteers and send them to > camps looking for help. If your camp could use a few more hands, > please let us know how many people you would like, when you would > like them, for how long, and doing what---also, let us know if there > are skills you need and the address and theme of you camp. We will > try to provide "day labor" to needy Black Rock city projects and > camps. We will also provide volunteers with a website to use when > they leave Burning Man. The website provides a listing of > organizations near the volunteer's zip code so the spirit of > volunteerism will continue past the burn.

> > E-mail dino at
________________________________________________ >


> > Ron with Shady Asylum has generously offered to help out with tips on > how to lay and remove sod leaving no trace on the playa. He has a > track record (with Blue House) of success. Feel free to ask him any > questions by contacting him at

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> > Here is some information for people who want to send their friends or > enemies mail on the playa:

> > How to receive mail on the playa -

> > Send mail at the appropriate time (8/26 or 8/27) to:

> > Your Friend or Enemy
Camp Name
Camp Address
Burning Man
Black Rock City, NV 89412

> > From our Postmistress, Sylvia, via the BRCPO list:

> > That's the Zip code for Gerlach. But to get a delivery onto the playa > and to the BRCPO, it has to be addressed "c/o BRCPO" and have a very > detailed description of the person it is intended for and suspected > camp location. (You can always do a "double-wrap" with the VERY > detailed specifics from being read by USPS officials on the inside-- > as long as it is addressed "c/o BRCPO" on the outer package, the > volunteers at the BRCPO are authorized to open the outer wrap and > attempt a delivery.)

> > - Suggestion: Send mail to everyone you know on the playa - I'd > recommend mailing it within the US on 8/26 or 8/27.

> > - mail is picked up in Gerlach daily.

> > - We are still looking for quality employees/volunteers - get in > touch if you're looking for a good time/able to work > overtime/bringing more than one case of beer to the playa/are wearing > red today.

> > Nutmeg Alfredo - there is no team in Fuck U

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> > Thanks everyone. Stay tuned for more!

> > Harley