letter from Daniel
dated feb 6

Daniel from the Contraptionists here.
Yes it's early but not that early to start getting ideas of how much space we need to request from those at Burningman and how the camp should develop
First off ,
This has been sent to many friends and family that may or may not have been part of our camp using BCC: (Blind Carbon Copy), so you will not be seen and get put on everyone's mailing list. if you don't want to be on the list, reply and let me know so that you'll be removed from future mailings. please use BCC: for sending your mailing lists, it's much kinder to those who hate spam.
And speaking of spam ( as if most haven't heard before ) Running a server I get an average of 100 spam emails a day so to prevent your email being filtered or lost please put Bman in the subject line. Thank you.
This is not my camp, it's OUR camp, and as a group we can make it so much better than the individual can. if you have ideas let them be known, if you want to send a camp letter out I can either give you the addresses ( unless they asked to be kept off those lists) or more easily I can just forward your letter to the camp. I will also try to post letters of significance to the website unless asked not to. If you want a page on the web site, either for camp info or to promote your part of the camp, just let me know and I'll tell you the different ways it can be done.

1) if you wish to remain on this mailing list please reply. 1.b) if you know of someone else who should be on the list send their email to me
2) Do you want to be part of the camp in 2005? If so please reply to the following questions also.
2.b) it would be nice if everyone had a contribution to the camp as a whole as well as their separate parts. you could ask Brian about helping with the lounge or make a sculpture for the camp frontage. keep an eye out for rugs for the BT or help with a camp meal, preferably later in the week , rather than all figuring on a monday night meal, (we can start a schedule on the site if you desire to).
3) what did you like about the camp last year?
4) what didn't you like about the camp last year?
5) how much space will you need for your tent and how many vehicles will you need to park ?
5.b) do you really have to have your vehicle next to your tent ? or can we condense the parking area used by having a central parking lane?
6) How much space do you need for your contribution(s) ?
6.b) do you have a bar tent or sculpture or mutant vehicle or what ?
6.c) do you need internal space in the BT ?
6.d) do you have a shower or other item that needs space ?
7) Do you have a page for the website or wish to update last years ?
8) The camp website is at
8.b) look at the starter ideas and plans from Karl and Pol and Daniel on the 2005 page . These are ideas and not in any way ridged , except possibly the communal BT in central front location.
8.c) send in your ideas for a page with your camp arrangement and where you would like to be on it or just send me your ideas to incorporate into mine.
9) Do you not want your reply to this letter added to the site or combined with other ideas at the site ?
any other questions ? just ask and I'll try to answer or pass to the camp at large for input.
Thank you,
With some input from Karl, Pol, & Cheryle.
A few more words from Karl;
hey guys , eye catchers for the camp are encouraged!
If you were not previously a Contraptionist , please keep in mind that we operate independently within the camp and although input to the camp as a hole is encouraged, that we are a collection of independent creativity operating cooperatively within the larger camp.