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Below is a camp letter on our theme camp.
I will try to send them to camp mates via E-mail, but will will also try to post them here as they come.
If you are not on the camp email list, send your address to Email (at) Contraptionists.Com.

Hello from RouseMouse!

Please forward this to anyone who should get it ( and doesn't do email) and/or send me their email address to add to the camp list.

Kinetics is over and it's time to get back to theme camp plans for Burningman before I run off on trips.
it's been a while and we have a few new people on the list so this is a sorta long letter.

Please send pictures for our campmates page!

This page has no public link and I'll add the new link to the new page for this year in a future email again so we can remember who we were and who the new ones are.
Please include the email address you wish to use for it. If you want an email address at the site, such as,  "You" (at) contraptionists (dot) com , send me a name for "you" and the email address it should be forwarded to.

If you haven't checked it out we have tentative ideas on our site, and you can download the icon page and cut and paste your own ideas (with your image editor) to submit to the group if you wish.
the current favorite plan is pols, but this could change, submit a better one by sending me the image you've created (you don't need to use the supplied icons, just sketch one out and scan it if you wish) and I'll post it.
we'll figure out which we like best later, or the King will decide if needed .... it's good to be King ...

If you have a project that needs space in camp let us know soon, we need to apply for space soon and won't be able to expand once the Bman group sets our lot size.

current (change able) info;

the nebs are allowing their "shower of power" to be the camps private shower for those with modesty, but bring your own water for showers of course. We will also have the open showers as we had last  year but possibly with a wind screen added.  ( Brian, with the added use we need to set up an evaporation pond for your shower .)

the nebs Quonset hut known as " the nebula lounge" is not coming this year, rather they will be setting up the smoothie bar in the BT (Big Tent) and combining with the snow cone service (Capt. Bob and Co.). Anyone willing to man the bar and host our guests ( including those waiting for Wills .. er.. "The Bushwhackers services) will be appreciated.
If you have something to add to the bar (fruit for smoothies or your own treats) it will be welcome. Contact daniel or Brian for support with that.

We are planning  on at least 2 ZT's (Zap Tents), the ZT (ask Karl), maybe the ZT II (ask Pol), and the ZT3 ( Daniel ), ask their Masters for more info. ( ZT3 has 4? rooms of 5-6 filled? assuming ZT has 2 spaces of 3-4 filled ZT II could use support for it's reconstruction, and the ZT4 will probably be left home, it needs a new tarp and poles having been totally thrashed last year by the wind)

Pol and I have been rumbling about a facade for the front of the BT in the form of a rube goldberg mouse trap in the style of the old mousetrap game. talk to pol or me about that.
I would also like to add a maze for the rats we trap to go through after we "catch" them, but would need support with it with both poles and walls and set up.

Millicent is hoping to bring art pieces and her wind dancers as well as a possible playa installation

Paula has her bar and putt putt course

as said Will has his kitty Trim as before

we can always use more solar power ( contact me)

I'm sure I missed something ,, please remind me, I'll try to send out another letter at the end of this week and when I get back from first trip ( whenever that is) and include your replies to that

Please remember; " I just work here" Feel free to make suggestions to the camp and correct me if I screw up ( not unlikely).

If you want to add a page to the site about your trip ( and don't wish to use SSH2 and linux) just send me the page in html format ( as an attachment ) or as an email with instructions what you want and I'll add it, remember to include any graphics or pictures needed.

I have sent this letter BCC (blind carbon copy) so that your email address is not broadcast to the world, if you would like to email the group I can send you the list or you can send me what you want sent and I'll add it to my next email and to our web site letters page ( here) ( as this letter and any I receive with camp messages has been added there unless you specify otherwise) so look for the letters page if you need reference.
and on a personal note;
Unfortunately the spammers have made 2 of my email addresses basically unusable since I must search through about 120 spams a day to try to find someone I know and most go to these 2 emails.
(me at) DorrelleanMotors Com
BroadviewHouse Net
are now being filtered out as pure trash and I won't see any email sent there

Please use;

Daniel at Contraptionists (dot) com
or any of the others

if you add Bman to the subject I have a better chance of seeing it , but filtering out those 2 addresses should cut most of the current spam I get

sorry for the inconvenience

let me know what you wish