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       I haven't heard from you in a while (still no direct e-mail from ANY other fellow campers except Cap'tn Bob) and feel it important to keep in touch.  I'd like to use the Contraptionists' Page to post ideas and coordinate the many projects.  For example: Mustang Mike recently bought a rechargeable blender for cold drinks.  It charges off AC or car battery (cig lighter) and has a battery like a Makita-type screw gun.  We tested it out at remote Ash Springs recently, and enjoyed fresh fruit dacories.  Do the Smoothie Crew know about these devices?  (Would not remove the power drain of the freezer, but I think it would help a little!)  Captain Bob just got a hand cranked sno-cone maker and hopes to adapt a rechargeable drill to power it (though it also works by hand.)  So here these two are with key items for the Nebula Bar but no way to contact that crew!  The "Board" I envision would have a list of things needed for various projects, in this case the N Bar, so these 2 could post a "I have..." reply.  Can we (YOU) do this?  I saw something like this mentioned but so far no posts.

       Progress Report from Team Vegas: No progress to report at this time!  While I see both Mike and Bob a couple times per week, it's suddenly gotten really hard to get all 3 of us together.  We need to purchase a lot of materials still, but I'm confident that the ZT-2 project will come together.  I want to set it up in Bob's backyard ASAP, both for practice and trouble shooting as well as to behold the physical space.  I'm sure that measurements and such will need to be reconsidered once it goes up.  For example, the height of the legs may need to all be shortened to ensure the main tarp has enough excess to be 'nailed' down on either side.  Also need to see how much of the conduit is lost in the connectors, how wide each connector is from nipple to nipple, etc.

       Bob and I will each be bringing an "Art Bike."  And of course our playa-bikes.  Mustang's PU truck is in the shop having the hydraulic lift removed and frame welded back together.  I'm worried about the Lighting...Mike showed me a car "domelight" recently, and explained how a couple of them could be mounted on the tent pipes (to provide the VERY SAME indirect and colorless light we had last year!)  Somehow he has failed to see how the lighting we use at work every day could be adapted to 12v and used in exactly the same way at Black Rock.  Maybe it's not such a good idea, if no one but you understands what I'm talking about!  My energy is now directed to the ZT-2.  Once that's come together I'll see what we can do about 'decorative' lighting.  And how are your plans coming?  I know you must be knee deep in Kinetic Race dodo right now!  Is the semicircular "front porch" a done deal?  I like that shape and know we could use the extra space!

       In conclusion, I think a Contraptionists' posting page would be a really good idea.  I'd like to know what items others are lacking, receive advice and offers of help with lighting and sound, a make sure we don't ALL buy sno-cone makers but NO syrup!  No one I don't already know has sent me a single e-mail explaining their plans or asking about mine, so group e-mailings just aren't cutting it...  Maybe a link (sends e-mail to project head) on the existing "pages" would suffice, but no one seems to have bothered to post ANYTHING yet.  And while I'd be glad to learn this HTML jazz, I don't have a page on the CC site!  Drop me a line when you find the time...-POL