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Below is a letter from Bman on theme camps. I will try to forward them to camp mates via E-mail, but will also try to post them here as they come.
If you are not on the camp email list, send your address to Email (at) Contraptionists.Com.

Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2004 15:16:21 -0700
From: Harley K. Dubois
Subject: [themecamps-announce] Your placement!

At long last! Your placement is here! Actually it is at the URL listed below. Read the information below first. It will save you some stress and us some email correspondence.

1. The map is final. It has gone to press. We try very hard to please everyone and we read your questionnaires carefully. If you let us know what you wanted in your questionnaire we did our best to give it to you. If you requested Esplanade and did not get it, it was because others were more needy or deserving. If you did not request Esplanade and did get it, it was because you really needed or deserved it or you are TERRIFIC at filling out our questionnaire! If you freak out when you find out where you are located, take a deep breath, study the blurbs on the web site of the other camps near you and contact some of them. There is often a method to our madness.

2. At Burning Man no one owns real estate. We create our city anew every year to keep it fresh and vital. You will find that like-minded camps and themes are placed together to create districts and neighborhoods.

3. When looking at your space assignment the first street indicated is your frontage. The second is the one you are nearest to or on the corner of. Look at the dimensions (e.g. 50' x 100') to envision your shape and size. The first number is the frontage of your camp. The second number is the depth. These sizes are approximate! They are not exact. Do not expect to come in with a measuring tape and find the exact space. It may be a bit more or it may be a bit less.

4. If you are the inside of Center Camp or in a Plaza there will be an additional time associated with your location. This time indicates your frontage on the circular space if you imagine a clock face with 12:00 pointing to the Man.

5. If you see a (+) or a (-) your camp is an irregular shape with additional space added to it or subtracted from it. Why? Because we are mapping a circular city with a square grid and you guys have a lot of odd ball requests!

6. Some of you did not get the size space you requested. Some requests were for the maximum allotment or for something way over what seemed to be needed by what you described in your questionnaire. This left us with the task of deciding a realistic space for you. We only have the information you have provided us to work with. If your map did not have dimensions we were left to guess. We carefully reviewed how many people were listed in each camp and how much additional "stuff" your questionnaire indicated you were bringing to allocate your space.

7. Your address is NOT exact. It only gives you an approximate idea of where you will be living. I know many of you hate this, but we have to do this for two main reasons:

a.) We need you to allow us to place you. It is not as easy as it seems to find your placement and understand the flagging system. We hate to move you after you have already begun to set up.

b.) Placement will continue to change as people arrive and we need to have some flexibility with your exact spot. When an unexpected problem arises, like you have more people than you expected, we can sometimes accommodate you without inconveniencing anyone else. We gently shuffle this and that and that and this and can sometimes work miracles without changing other camp addresses.

8. You will find a name listed with your street address and size. This is the name of your placer. They will be available to assist you pre-event and on the playa. Expect an email from them shortly. They can answer questions, let you know if you are on a corner, etc., but ask your questions of them SOON because we will be packing it up to leave shortly! If there is no name listed with your camp it is because you are within a village and your village is responsible for it's own placement internally. If you have no name associated with your camp and you are NOT within a village, please contact us immediately at

9. Keep reading your theme camp announcements. The next few will be the most important this year letting you know the process for arriving in Black Rock City and key information about being a placed camp.

10. A map of the city with street names is also live now. Check it out:

Thanks everyone! It is going to be a great year, I promise!



Here you go! (NOTE: this URL is long and wraps! Grab the whole thing!)


Harley K. DuBois