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Below is a letter from Bman on theme camps. I will try to forward them to camp mates via E-mail, but will also try to post them here as they come.
If you are not on the camp email list, send your address to Email (at) Contraptionists.Com.

Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2004 11:03:51 -0700
From: Harley K. Dubois
Subject: [themecamps-announce] TC Annc #9, '04 BMIR/STORAGE/PYRO/

Hi Theme Camps,

We will be announcing your placement on August 1st so check your email this Sunday! Please read the following announcement and pass it on to your camp mates.


Burning Man Information Radio 94.5FM

Burning Man's radio station, BMIR 94.5 FM, needs your creative Public Service and Theme Camp announcements to inform the citizenry of the wondrous events that are happening on the playa.

Please send your MP3 recording to Deadline is August 15th. Please e-mail with any questions.



Some of you are aware that Burning Man owns property near The Black Rock desert and in the past we have been able to allow people to store things there post event. As of last year we have been working very hard to clean our property up and comply with the county codes that affect us. In one year we have disposed of literally tones of materials, vehicles and buildings.

We're hopeful that as we cooperate with county officials, we will be able to use our property in the ways that best support our year-round activities. Our future plans include offering storage to theme camps and art projects, but for this year we will again be asking that everyone plan to take everything brought to Black Rock City home again. In our ongoing effort to improve our Work Ranch property Burning Man will NOT be accepting donations of mattresses, couches, rebar, lumber or any other not-quite-working equipment and the like, as they sometimes have in years past. We will be accepting food donations as people leave as always.

Only those individuals with new approved Property Use Agreements, signed by a Black Rock City LLC member, will be allowed to bring materials, containers or vehicles onto the Work Ranch. Anything left in Black Rock City without an agreement will be disposed of. Please be responsible for all of your belongings and leave nothing behind.

If we keep our nose to the grind stone we will eventually reach our goals and our property will be a place that everyone can benefit from.



This is a friendly reminder that even though we are a fire-art event pyrotechnics are illegal in Nevada. We have a licensed pyro-technician that works with the State to allow the Man to go up with style every year and this is the one exception to the law that is allowed. Since 9/11 things have heated up and there has been a Safe Explosives Act enacted that MAY make law enforcement more likely to issue tickets and fines. This is not the year to bring your homemade fireworks, or try to push the State limits.

Questions? Email


DPW Support

All theme camps need to make any requests for support through their theme camp placers. Any requests made directly to DPW will be routed back to us, so we may as well save the time and effort for everyone. Ask your placers any questions about any particular needs.
Email us at


DELIVERIES on the Playa

I sent this out once already, but I am getting questions on it still, so here it is again.......

If your camp must receive a delivery from the outside world on the playa you must clear it with the Gate crew and manage the process yourself. You will need to meet the delivery at the Gate and escort them to your camp and back out of our city again. A credit card will be required of the driver before he is allowed to enter our city. One ticket per passenger will be charged to it. If the delivery vehicle leaves the city with in four hours the charges will be reversed. Cash will be accepted instead of a credit card. If someone from your camp is not at the Gate when your delivery arrives they will be turned away.

We recommend you:
1. Prepare your delivery driver to ask for you at the Gate when he arrives. Give him as much information as possible about what to expect upon arrival.
2. Travel to the Gate before your delivery is due and introduce yourself to the Gate staff. Wait for your driver.
3. Escort your delivery in and out.

The Gate staff will LOVE you for this!


Two days until placement is announced!